Updated OpenVMS Roadmap from VSI

Click here to download the March 2017 product roadmap.

This latest 2017-2019 product roadmap includes, for the first time, the latest support roadmap. There is also further details about the next OpenVMS V8.x and V9.0 release for Itanium, along with the "early adapter" release of V9.0 of OpenVMS for x86 servers.

The roadmap also spotlights VSI's commitment to a key research project aimed at supporting blockchain solutions on the OpenVMS platform. OpenVMS is a perfect home for this critical technology, especially given OpenVMS' strengths in security and high availability, and presence in mission critical markets such as finance and banking.

Blockchain technology enables business transactions that are inherently trustworthy, fast, and far more cost-efficient then current business standards. It promises to revolutionize business transactions. We are committed to empowering OpenVMS users with this exciting new technology.

Future Releases

In addition to launching the latest 8.4-2L1 Hudson Release and the previous Maynard and Bolton releases on HPE Itanium Poulson-based servers, our R&D department is already working on the next generation of platforms for OpenVMS. OpenVMS will be ported to the industry standard x86-64 platform, allowing OpenVMS to, for the first time, share a common hardware standard with the rest of the enterprise market (see state of x86 port). OpenVMS customers will realize substantial benefits:

• Server consolidation & standardization

• Reduce hardware complexity

• Increase scalability

• Improve OpenVMS' already best in class total cost of ownership

Note that the roadmap file is refreshed periodically. If you want to bookmark the roadmap, link back to this page URL, rather than to the PDF file link, to ensure you get the latest version of our roadmap.

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