OpenVMS Alpha - final release of SPL from HPE

While HPE is committed to provide ongoing support for HPE OpenVMS Alpha, as outlined at http://h41379.www4.hpe.com/openvms/openvms_supportchart.html, there are no further updates planned for the software products covered by this package.

Therefore, the December 2016 release is the last shipment of the OpenVMS Alpha Software Products Library and the OpenVMS Alpha Online Documentation Library Packages.

OpenVMS AXP - Q117

HPE recommend our customers keep the December media safe to have easy access to the included Software Products in the future. In case replacement media is required, it will be possible to order a package using the current product number, QA-5G88A-H8.

In addition to the physical media, customers will also be able to download equivalent content from the Software Products Library website, using the instructions and login credentials listed in the December 2016 Cover Letter.

Please note that updates to the HPE OpenVMS Alpha Operating System are not affected by this announcement and will be published and distributed as usual.