Migration Specialties have released FreeAXP

Migration Specialties have released an updated version of their free Alphaserver emulator, FreeAXP.

The update can be downloaded from the links provided below. This update provides the following enhancements:
• TCQ bug fixes: If you are running an OpenVMS FreeAXP installation with Tagged Command Queuing enabled, updating to FreeAXP is strongly recommended.
• Write sharing disks: Disk container files can now be write shared between FreeAXP instances to facilitate clustering. See the write_share option in the User Guide for details.
• Documentation updates: Quick Start and FreeAXP Transitioning sections added.
See the current Virtual Alpha Release Notes for additional details.

FreeAXP Kit: http://www.migrationspecialties.com/Downloads/freeaxpsetup_598a.exe
Release Notes: http://www.migrationspecialties.com/pdf/VirtualAlpha_ReleaseNotes.pdf
User Guide: http://www.migrationspecialties.com/pdf/VirtualAlpha_UserGuide.pdf

Please visit the FreeAXP User Forum if you have any questions or need additional information.

Note the following issues
1) FreeAXP does not currently run under the 32-bit edition of Windows 8 or 10. The 32-bit NDIS driver is broken under these operating systems. Microsoft has the problem noted for repair without a committed repair date. This limitation is noted in the Virtual Alpha Release Notes.

2) IE 11 issues a "The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid" message when downloading FreeAXP or Avanti.
The IE 11 download of FreeAXP installs just fine. FreeAXP will download under Firefox and Chrome without any warnings. The problem here is Microsoft has obsoleted the code signing signature used for Avanti and FreeAXP. This issue will be addressed with the 3.0 release of both products. Migration Specialties were aware of this issue, but neglected to note it in the release notes. The online Release Notes have been updated.