2016 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp Call For Presentations

The OpenVMS Bootcamp Program Committee would like to invite you to submit presentations for the 2016 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp. This year’s Boot Camp will be held in Nashua, New Hampshire from Sunday 25 September through Wednesday 28 September at the Radisson Nashua.

The committee are encouraging people to take a fresh look at what they present and to consider extended session (up to two hours). They also want to encourage hands on sessions, if it makes sense, and can be accommodated with minimal on-site hardware requirements.

The specifics of the content for Sunday, 25 September, is still being developed. The committee are not yet committed to any particular format for Sunday but this will be resolved by Early June.

You can get more details as to registration and pricing by visiting:


Note, the site discusses a “one hour session”. They are looking to get some two hour sessions to allow more in depth topic development.

The current members of the Program Committee are:

Sue Skonetski
Michelle Popejoy
Robert Nydahl
Greg Guthman
Bill Pedersen