Emacs 21.2 for VMS/VAX

GNU Emacs 21.2 for VAX/VMS

emacs21_2_vax.zip has been uploaded to to https://www.sendspace.com/file/byw8z7

[ Hopefully it will be copied to a more stable location ]

Contents of emacs21_2_vax.zip:

emacs21_2_vax.txt - this file
emacs-vax-bin.txt - how to use the binary kit
emacs-vax-build.txt - how to build emacs from the sources
emacs21_2_vax_bin.zip - the binary kit
emacs21_2_vax_src.zip - VAX specific files for building emacs

The binary kit was built on V7.3 without support for TCPIP and X11:
$ @[-.emacs212_3]configure --with-tcpip=NO --with-x=NO --WITH-X-TOOLKIT=NO -
--prefix=bld_root:[LOCAL] --startupdir=bld_root:[LOCAL.STARTUP]

Building for any other configuration may require additional source code
changes. The supplied VAX specific sources are not intended to be
compiled on other VMS platforms. Some of the files may be seen as hacks
to get emacs running on VAX/VMS. The base source code for emacs is not
included in this kit. The base source code is a VMS version based on
emacs version 21.2. The source code can be found on the OpenVMS freeware
CD version V8.0: emacs/emacs21_2.zip. These sources are for building
emacs for Alpha. This zip archive contains temporary files, which are
not required for the build, as well as an Alpha executable image.
Unfortunately these sources were not found in the emacs git repository
on savannah.gnu.org.

Please note, officially the support for VMS was removed in Emacs 23.