HP PERFDAT V4.7 has been released

HP PERFDAT V4.7 has been released.

HP PERFDAT is an integrated performance monitoring, management and capacity planning solution for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64. It has been designed and developed for the management of big environments as well an in in-depth trouble shooting tool.

It supports the following OpenVMS versions:
VSI OpenVMS V8.4 1H1 IA64 (V4.7 is the first version to support running on this version of OpenVMS )

OpenVMS V8.4 IA64
OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 IA64
OpenVMS V8.3 IA64
OpenVMS V8.2-1 IA64
OpenVMS V8.2 IA64
OpenVMS V8.4 AXP
OpenVMS V8.3 AXP
OpenVMS V8.2 AXP
OpenVMS V7.3-2 AXP

Apart from a few bug fixes there are some new features that have been incorporated.
To get a complete overview please see the release notes.