Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS news

Oracle 11g Release is now available for OpenVMS V8.4

Rdb has shipped and is available for download - this is a bug fix release.

Oracle Rdb Developer Tools for Visual Studio Release was released in June and is available.

Oracle JDBC for Rdb version was released in June and is available for download.

Oracle CDD/Repository was released in July and is available.

Certification testing of Oracle Database and with OpenVMS 8.4-1H1 on Intel Itanium i2 Integrity servers has been completed and Oracle expect to be able to complete the same testing on i4 (Poulson) in the near future.

As of July 31, 2015, Oracle Rdb 7.2 has entered into Extended Support.

The 2015 Forums have been scheduled for October this year.

For details of these releases see Letter from Oracle