VSI are looking for your help with a PCSI issue

Dear VMS Customer,

During the upgrade from HP OpenVMS V8.4 for Integrity servers to VSI OpenVMS V8.4-1H1 (or later versions), an extra step is necessary. VMS Software, Inc. refers to this as “Rebranding the PCSI Database”. It involves:
- Capturing the contents of the system’s PCSI database as Product Description Files (PDFs)
- Editing the PDFs to update the producer information of any product that is now in the VSI portfolio of products
- Saving the old database for historical access
- Creating a new copy of the database using the edited PDFs

The rebranding code as shipped in OpenVMS V8.4-1H1 is working correctly for almost all customers; however, some customers with complex layered product installations have experienced problems. VSI apologizes for this, and is currently testing fixes for all known problems.

VSI would like to ensure that any fixes that we make available will work for all customers, especially as we plan to support OpenVMS on more platforms, and allow upgrades from older versions. With this in mind, we ask for your assistance. If you are willing to provide us with a copy of your OpenVMS Integrity system’s PCSI database, we can test the rebranding code against it. We want to test PCSI databases from all versions of OpenVMS for Integrity servers (so V8.2 through V8.4, inclusive) regardless of which patches are applied and the layered products installed.

This is what we need you to do:
- $ ZIP “-VCj” .ZIP .BCK ! Switches: Uppercase “V”, Uppercase “C”, Lowercase “j”
- The saveset name should identify you and/or your company, and the originating system
- Attach the ZIP file to an email and send it to Richard(dot)Bishop(at)VMSSoftware(dot)com. Please include your name and company, and the version of OpenVMS Integrity in use at the time.
- Please ensure that any network copies you perform with FTP are done in BINARY (IMAGE) mode.
- If you have multiple systems with different combinations of layered products and/or options, you are welcome to send us more than one PCSI database. But please send the ZIP file for each system in a separate email.

To be useful to us, please provide us with a copy of your PCSI database by no later than 31st August 2015. Please only send PCSI databases from OpenVMS Integrity systems, and not from Alpha or VAX.

Regarding ZIP: It is likely that you already have ZIP.EXE (and UNZIP.EXE) on your system. If not, they are available on the HP OpenVMS Freeware V8.0 (Disc 3 of 3), or from these URLs: http://decuslib.com/freeware/freewarev80/unzip/ and http://decuslib.com/freeware/freewarev80/zip/.

VMS Software, Inc., thanks you for your help in this, and is offering a prize to the customer whose PCSI database exposes the most previously-unknown problems in rebranding.

Richard Bishop
VMS Software, Inc.