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Mark Berryman announced on comp.os.vms

The following software packages have recently been placed on my
repository at http(s)://theberrymans.com/php_kits/

PHP V7.0.24 and V7.0.25.
These are a continuation of the PHP ports I have been doing going back
to PHP V4. They require a minimum VMS version of V8.3 and work with

PHP V7.1.10 and V7.1.11.
The are the first ports I have done of PHP V7.1. Their intent was to
add support for VSI CSWS. As such, they require a minimum VMS version
of V8.4 and also require that SSL1 be installed. Along with VSI CSWS,
this kit continues to work with both WASD and HP CSWS.

MariaDB V5.5.57 and V5.5.58
I did a port of MariaDB nearly 4 years ago. These two releases bring
that port up to date. They have been tested at a few sites and are also
running successfully here. Minimum VMS V8.4 required.

I don't have many of the MariaDB plugins included at this time. If
anyone using this package finds a plugin they think would be useful,
feel free to let me know.

All kits are for both Alpha and IA64. Feedback welcome as always.

Mark Berryman