MariaDB-5.5-57 for OpenVMS

posted by Niel Rieck on comp.os.vms

Mark Berryman informed me that he has finally found the time to continue releasing newer ports of "MariaDB for OpenVMS". (yay!)

Now that his toolset is in place we might see newer versions of MariaDB sooner on OpenVMS. Congratulations Mark.

Anyway, you can download a BETA of MariaDB-5.5-57 (Alpha and Itanium) from here:

1) This is a BETA
2) Not supported, and no warranty of any kind (like MySQL and MariaDB)
3) Mark still sounds overloaded so please to not bug him
4) For people who compile OpenVMS programs against Mark's libraries (like me), changes have been made which you will need to test on an alternate system. For example, his previous product (MariaDB-5.5-25) had separate directories for Alpha and Itanium libraries. This release changes that to a single common directory. Carefully read all of the file "Readme.VMS" before you begin.

Neil Rieck
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.